NCT Family Photo Days

Sunday 2nd October

Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th March

Family Photo Days

Our enormously popular photo days are run in partnership with professional photographer Simon Patrick (

A fun and informal sitting which lasts 10-15 minutes will give you 40-50 photographs that you can then view over the internet in your own time - so there is no second visit required, and no pressure selling.

Prices start from just £10 a print and special packages of £25 for three prints and £39 for seven prints of the same image.

As well as archival quality prints, you can also get the images printed on all kinds of gifts, and if you are looking for that special item to decorate your home then Simon can have your prints on canvas or framed in the highest quality mouldings - the same that stores such as Venture Portraits offer, but at well under half the price.

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